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COBRALIGHT® Pendolo is a particularly sustainable, minimalist  pendant lamp with an 16W/1.000lm LED light strip. All plastic parts are 3D printed either from PETG or DIN EN ISO 14855 compostable plastic. The patented construction allows the appr. 1.6 m long lamp to be shipped and transported in a small tin can. The volume of the individual parts that make up the lamp is roughly equivalent to that of just six sugar cubes and the weight including LED strip is less than half that of a smartphone.

COBRALIGHT® Pendolo is easy to assemble and has a dimmable transformer. The suspension from the ceiling is adjustable in height. The lamp can be mounted emitting light either upwards (indirectional) or downwards (directional). Two lamps can be snap-fitted to each other to get combined upwards and downwards light emission. 


Optional brackets are available to install the lamp directly to a wall or ceiling. An optional translucent plastic piece allows the lamp to be assembled in an oval shape for multidirectional light without any tools. This version, called Infinito, can also be combined with the wall/ceiling brackets.

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